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ENG Rypac Limited.

Project Management Consultancy & Engineering Services


ENG Rypac Limited offers a full range of project management and engineering services from cost estimating, conceptual design for project definition, risk analysis, front end loading, and value engineering and basic to detailed design of all disciplines.


Our Project Managers and Project Engineers assist you as soon as there is activity on the construction site.

Our managers and engineers follow up on the quality, planning and budget of the works in a detailed way without losing sight of safety.

Construction Site Inspectors, Team Leaders, Site Coordinators, Project Engineers and Project Managers together assure the timely delivery of a high quality construction or installation as described in the Scope, Schedule and Cost Baselines.

Our Project Managers and Engineers do not only excel in terms of their skills and in-depth knowledge of engineering, they all have well developed soft skills too.

At ENG Rypac Limited we pay great attention to stimulating the flexibility, pro-activity, empathy, discipline, communication skills and people management skills of our experts since these traits are indispensable for good communication between the project team, the contractor, the authorities and other parties involved in the project.

Civil & Electrical Consultancy

ENG Rypac Limited have been rendering various Civil & Electrical Engineering Consultancy Services at a very professional level. Among these, Civil & Electrical Engineering Consultancy Services are well-acclaimed by our respected clients.

Our highly experienced team of engineers provides Civil & Electrical Engineering Consultancy Services of a very efficient level. While providing these services, we keep total care of our customers’ budget.

We prepare the blue prints for our clients that help them in undergoing the electrification and transmission without any hassle.

Today, we have carved a niche as one of the supreme providers of Civil & Electrical Engineering Consultancy Services in Nigeria.

Construction Supervision and Site Management

Whether you are involved in the construction of buildings, infrastructure, industrial plants, or power facilities, your projects involve the complex coordination of different contractors.

Our independent construction supervision can help guide your project to completion on time, on budget and in compliance with the relevant quality standards.

The objective of our Construction Supervision and Management Service is to guarantee good-quality implementation of the construction project with optimal costs pursuant to the contract agreement, technical standards and norms for our client.

We provide a comprehensive management, supervision and inspection services, which are tailor-made for each project and which cover all dimensions and phases of construction and site applications.

QAQC Inspection

ENG Rypac Limited provides QA/QC management, inspection personnel & NDT services to industries in Nigeria. Our services include welding inspection, NDT, fabrication inspection, electrical and instrumentation inspection, as well as supporting shutdown and turnaround projects.

Our QAQC inspection services help ensure quality, cost effectiveness, adherence to schedules, and reliability.

Our aim is to always exceed client expectations. We tailor our services to individual clients and take a proactive approach, investing in our people and resources to go beyond expectations.

ENG Rypac Limited is committed to delivering the highest quality of services ensuring safety, integrity and certainty across all our activities and those of our clients.

Logistics Management and Expediting

At ENG Rypac Limited, it is our responsibility to ensure our clients achieve their transportation and warehousing goals. You can be assured that whatever your Logistics needs, our team will do everything possible to assist you with our wide range of services.

Our standard and customized solutions to your transportation and warehousing needs are of the highest caliber – be it for a shipment across towns or across states in Nigeria.

As part of our fulfillment services, we offer time-sensitive transportation services and emergency shipments to our clients. With our dedicated fleet partners available, we are able to manage and move freight quickly and arrange a truck to ensure a timely delivery.

Our goal is to improve the quality of logistics management for our customers. This includes providing a single point of contact for all of our customer's shipment and delivery needs.

Subsea Installation and Maintenance

ENG Rypac Limited is the ideal partner to manage risk, and to maximize the return of investment for your underwater cable project. We have a comprehensive understanding of the key engineering issues regarding the subsea cablelay installation.

The service is performed observing the most demanding standards of the industry, with special regard to the assessment of the cablelay integrity: each activity is approached by undertaking detailed engineering analysis, in order to ensure the safety and reliability of the installation operation.

The subsea cablelay services cover the entire range of specific demands of the project, from project planning and project management to commissioning and site-acceptance.

Key services include;

  • Cable routing: route identification, feasibility surveys, cable route clearance, risk assessment;
  • Cablelay: shore/end landings, installation between offshore constructions, diving support, repair and maintenance, post-lay inspection and cable burial, physical protection.

Offshore Survey

ENG Rypac Limited is a dynamic and service provider to the Offshore Oil and Gas industry that offers a wide range of marine survey services and engineering solutions utilizing the latest technology.

These services encompass marine operations, seismic and geophysical survey, constructions survey, navigation and positioning and subsea services.

ENG Rypac Limited’s tailored subsea survey systems and services are designed to efficiently meet the specific demands of the clients.

The Company possesses the technical expertise and cost effective capability to complete offshore survey projects with confidence.


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