Construction Management, Installation and Commissioning Services

ENG Rypac Services for stations and Limited provides comprehensive Construction Management, Site Installation and Commissioning new and existing oil and gas facilities e.g., pipelines, processing facilities, tank farms, compression other such oil and gas processing, treatment or evacuation facilities

Our Construction Management Services consist of the deployment of highly experienced teams of specialists in construction supervision, safety, quality assurance and quality control, planning, procurement, cost control, scheduling, contract management etc., at different stages of the project to provide the required oversight needed for successful project delivery.

Our teams are versed in new build projects, retrofits, upgrades and overhauls, modifications, outage support, shutdowns and startups, emergency response, decommissioning, demolition and much more.

Our Installation and Commissioning Services consist of the deployment of site equipment, personnel and other such resources to provide site clearing and preparation services, prior to the arrival of major equipment, civil works and civil structural  construction services to support physical installation of equipment, electrical and instrumentation services to facilitate connection of installed equipment to power sources,

Start-up, testing, initial operations and commissioning of new units and/or major modifications, development of turn-over packages and initial testing programs, coordination of commissioning and testing activities, post-commissioning training services for the client’s start-up, operating, and maintenance personnel final turnover documentation packages to the owners’ facilities management teams. and co-ordination of final turnover documentation packages to the owners ‘facilities management teams.

Our construction management, installation and commissioning teams can be integrated teams to assist with: into our clients’ project

• Engineering Design Reviews
• Vendor Selection and Procurement Process Reviews
• Random and ongoing surveillance of contractors’ work quality and work progress on and offsite
• FactoryAcceptance Tests
• Monitoring of contractors’ adherence to design and procedural requirements
• Monitoring documentation to ensure project requirements are adhered to