Fabric Maintenance Services

ENG Rypac industry. We to the very Limited is a leading provider of integrated Fabric Maintenance Services in the Nigerian Oil and Gas offer a comprehensive range of services, which taken together with our in-house expertise and access modern tools, positions us to support clients in enhancing the integrity and useful life of their assets.
Our Fabric Maintenance Services includes ▪ Condition Surveys ▪ Coating Solutions – Painting & Thermal Spray Aluminum ▪ Insulation Works ▪ Passive Fire Protection Systems ▪ Surface Preparation-Sponge-Jet Blasting, Grit Blasting, Hydro-Blasting etc. Aside from greenfield works and/or remedial works, we support clients in identifying short, medium and long-term integrity requirements and support them in defining appropriate methodologies that suits their specific asset needs. INSULATION SERVICES ENG Rypac Limited offers both thermal and acoustic insulation services scaffolds or by Rope Access which brings cost advantages. as well as testing. We can deliver either option by using BLASTING, PAINTINGAND THERMAL SPRAY COATING SERVICES We are a leader in corrosion protection and prevention through surface coating technology. We have state-of-art equipment like highspeed blasting equipment and Low to ultra-high pressure hydro-blasting equipment for surface preparation. Our capability covers both conventional and non-convectional painting techniques to meet client surface coating requirements in line with NACE/SSPC international regulations. Additionally, we are Thermal Spray Coating Service providers using advanced application techniques and surface modification methods. We provide services for surface reclamation, modification and long-term protection from corrosion, abrasive erosion, wear and high temperature oxidation, surface preparation, metal coating and grinding work in situ / site works. We are proactive in seeking as well as adopting new technologies in order to better serve our customers